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AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY C.J.Hewett-Holmond was
born and raised in Akron, Ohio and is a retired
Sheriff’s detective from the Summit County
Sheriff's Office. She attended the University of
Akron, and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a
Bachelor of Arts in English, Minors in Creative
Writing and American Literature, and a Certificate
in Pan African. Studies.  She now resides in
Gilbert, Arizona with her husband where she
teaches first and second grade.
Future Releases

BETRAYAL: A contemporary romance and sequel to SWIFT AND SILENT, which features
Chi Li-Ning's brother, Chen, and the woman he fell in love with in SWIFT AND SILENT,
Thomasina Steward, and encapsulates sibling rivalry and betrayal in its most virulent form.

RAVEN: A historical romance featuring a young girl whose multi-racial background throws
her into a desperate fight to save her family home after her parents' untimely deaths, and
her curious alliance with the most dangerous man in the territory.

BENEATH THE SURFACE: A contemporary, racially charged thriller featuring two fiercely
bigoted characters
who are thrown together into the clutches of a surreal, other-worldly existence that forces
them to confront their  prejudices and rise above them if they are to survive.  
C.J. is also the author of WATCH OUT FOR THE WIND, a novel she wrote under name C.J.
published by Belmont in 1980. She has written three new novels, several plays, short
stories, and screen plays and aspires to see her stories on
stage and in film.