Swift And Silent
Swift & Silent is a pulse pounding, edge of your seat suspense with a cast of
unforgettable characters.

Chi LINING: The unsuspecting Police Chief who discovers an eerie plot unfolding in his
small community.
Chen Lining: Chi's brother; possessed of a unique ability crucial to opposing an other-
worldly evil.

Min Jie De Mo (The Agile Cat): 'The Pendant' worn by each brother; a medallion bearing
the insignia of a great cat on the stalk, its
teeth bared, its back arched, and its head lowered, poised to strike.
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Author C. J. Hewett sets the story in the small               
northeastern town of Hodge Park , which hosts Hodger
Estate, a once a thriving manor occupied by Hodge
Park's founding family. Hodger Mansion is now
deserted, an anachronism that has been deserted for
decades, devoid of life --- forgotten. Cloaked within   
acres of dense woods it provides a fitting sanctuary for
an unprecedented evil. From here C. J. Hewett takes her  
readers off the beaten path of this sleepy community
and right into the world of the known.